Learning Centers

In addition to the programs and camps listed under “Summer Programs,” many of which offer academic supports, we also recommend these year-round centers for students who need additional academic supports:

Sylvan Learning Center
6537 E Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19149
(215) 743-6200
*several locations available

*several locations available

Huntington Learning Center
*several locations available

*several locations available

International Connections Academy is offering an online summer enrichment program for both reading and math, for grades 2-8. Students will take an individualized placement test to discover what skills they need to work on and will participate in a weekly virtual class. Between classes, they will have assignments to work on. This program satisfies our summer school requirements. Each course (math or ELA) is $150, or $270 for both.
Call 1-888-440-2899 or (443) 259-5796 and speak to Josh to register